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In order for RDSCC to be in compliance with AHS/COVID 19 Regulations all attendees to events have to be RDSCC members for the 2020 season.



Who wants to start RACING!?!?!?!?!?!?!

RDSCC 2020 COVID Season

Westerner Park SW Parking Lot
June 27    Full Day
June 28    Full Day
July 8       Evening
July 18     Full Day
July 26     Full Day
Aug 8       Full Day
Aug 9       Full Day
Aug 23     Full Day
Sept 5      Full Day
Sept 13    Full Day
Sept 27    Full Day
Oct 18      Full Day



Thank you for staying with us and being patient during these unprecedented times. Everything is on hold until it is all cleared up and we can proceed safely with our activities. Once we know updates and timelines we will make sure that you are also in the know. Thanks again and stay safe. 


2020 Summer Cruise

I've been working on the 2020 Summer Cruise, first hotel block was confirmed today. Still working on the second one. It is getting tougher and tougher to "one up" the previous year's trip, but the challenge is fun. 

If you don't have your passport yet, start working on that, this year will take us across the border again. The roads will be awesome once again and the people that go are amazing. Don't you want to be an AMAZING PERSON TOO? Send me an email if you are interested, the trip details are only open to club members. 

2020 RDSCC Summer Cruise will be in July 2020. Mark your calendars. Commitment deadline on hotels is looking like 60 days prior to event date due to July 4th weekend.